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The world of diplomacy has experienced atypical situations promoted by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After staging a grotesque spectacle with Brazilian ambassador Frederico Meyer as part of war marketing, Chancellor Israel Katz has used social media to provoke the Brazilian government and President Lula.

Last Friday (23), Katz published an illustration that represents Brazilians and Israelis hugging each other with the countries’ flags in the background. In the text he stated, “No one will separate our people – not even you Lula, Shabbat Shalom!”, in a message made in Portuguese and Hebrew.

The post was not made randomly, since at the weekend there was a demonstration in São Paulo by former president Jair Bolsonaro, with whom the Israeli far right is aligned. In the act, Bolsonaro suggested in a speech that he was aware of the coup draft to avoid Lula’s inauguration – practically a confession.

After the event, Katz returned to the networks to thank the Bolsonarists who brought Israeli flags to the demonstration. It is interesting to note that most of the far-right protesters used flags with pentagrams, instead of the six-pointed Star of David – which demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge about the symbols they use.

Inclusive went viral an interview in which a lady demonstrated ignorance about her Jewish origin, attributing Christianity to Israelis: “we are Christians, just like Israel”, she said. Look:

In his post about the act, the Israeli minister said, in another provocation: Thank you very much to the people Brazilian for supporting Israel. Not even Lula will be able to separate us.”

Once again, the chancellor showed an imbalance in not knowing how to separate his government’s predilections from diplomatic work, which must be guided by the strengthening of bilateral relations and the good practices preached by international relations.

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In the Foreign Ministry, Israel’s tactics are pejoratively called TikTok diplomacy – an expression originating within the country itself by opponents of the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Despite the regrettable positions adopted by Israeli diplomacy, they did not go so far as to authorize the ambassador to Brazil, Daniel Zonshine, to go to the event on Avenida Paulista.

However, Katz’s constant provocations must be watched closely, as they are heading towards a situation that could become unsustainable.


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