According to the Vatican, Francis did not attend the Holy Friday rite to “preserve his health” for Saturday and Sunday celebrations

Pope Francis, 87 years old, is expected to participate in the Easter Vigil this Saturday (March 30, 2024). The presence is included in the pontiff’s daily activity bulletin released by the Vatican.

On Friday (29th March), the Pope canceled his trip to the Stations of the Cross at the Coliseum in Rome. According to an official statement from the Vatican, the decision was taken to “preserve health” of the pontiff, in view of this Saturday’s ceremony (Mar 30) and Sunday’s Easter mass (Mar 31).

In 2023, Francisco also canceled his participation in the night procession of Holy Friday. At the time, the Vatican reported that the decision was taken to “protect your health from the Roman cold”.

The Easter Vigil is scheduled for 7:30 pm local time (3:30 pm Brasília time). It will be held in St. Peter’s Basilica. The ceremony celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and includes rituals such as the blessing of the fire, the preparation of the Easter candle and the baptism of adult converts. It lasts about 2 hours.


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