Organizers expected 50,000 people to take to the streets; according to Clarín, the police counted around 10,000

Left-wing movements in Argentina protested in the center of Buenos Aires this Wednesday (Dec 20, 2023) against the economic package released by the government on December 12 and the anti-demonstration protocol established by the Ministry of Security. Organizers estimated that up to 50,000 people would participate in the event, but only 10,000 showed up. The information is from Clarion.

The act that followed the march from the Argentine Congress to Plaza de Mayo had a ratio of 1 police officer for every 2 protesters. The information is from the newspaper Clarion.

Even with the low turnout, protesters still gathered this Wednesday (Dec 20) in various parts of Buenos Aires.


In addition to protesting against the measures announced by Milei, protesters are marching in memory of the protests of December 19 and 20, 2001. On that occasion, 39 people died, according to the Argentine Human Rights Secretariat. Read more about the crisis “playpen” here.

The protests are, in part, a response to the announcement by Security Minister Patricia Bullrich, who on Thursday (Dec 14), stated that they will be imposed “severe penalties” to those involved in “obstruction of free movement”. The protocol covers those who transport, organize and finance the protests.

After the protest march in Argentina this Wednesday (Dec 20, 2023), Bullrich praised the federal defense forces and highlighted the low participation in the 1st act of opposition against Milei. “Most people decided not to participate”he stated. “Those who would have attended out of obligation did not come and that was noticeable”he added.

The minister said that there was “free movement throughout the country, something not seen for many years” and that access to roads was not blocked. “People were able to go to work without any problems. The protesters did not carry sticks, stones, nor were they masked.”he concluded.

During the events in Plaza de Mayo, 2 protesters, identified as Héctor Adolfo Ganzo and Ulises Nicolás Fernández, were arrested for attacking police officers who were working to contain the protest throughout the day and avoid traffic disruptions.

In the clashes, 2 police officers were injured. One of them suffered a cut on his arm, apparently caused by a sharp weapon, while the other was punched in the face.

The president, accompanied by Bullrich and his sister Karina Milei –who is also general secretary of the Presidency– followed the demonstrations of the central department of the Federal Police. Casa Rosada’s communications team stated that Milei’s visit to the department was planned since the morning to express “absolute support” those involved in the operation.

Reproduction / X @mariandalesio – 20.dec.2023

President Javier Milei followed the protests at the central department of the Argentine Federal Police. In the image, Milei (center), accompanied by her sister Karina (left) and security minister Patricia Bullrich


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