The North American president said that the Asian country is “xenophobic” when he defended that the US economy is “stronger” because of immigrants

Japan described how “unfortunate” the comment by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, that the “xenophobia”, is stifling the economic growth of the Asian country, said a Japanese government spokesperson, this Tuesday (May 7, 2024). The information is from Reuters.

The American president’s speech took place last Wednesday (May 1, 2024), at a fundraising event for the 2024 re-election campaign. Biden argued about the importance of immigrants to the country’s economy.

“Why is China so economically stagnant, why is Japan having problems, why is Russia, why is India […] because they are xenophobic. They don’t want immigrants. Immigrants are what makes us strong.”Biden said in a speech at the event.

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi said the Democrat’s comment would not have been based on an accurate understanding of Japanese policies. However, he added that Japan’s ties with its security ally, the US, remain strong.


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