Brazil’s percentage is close to the G20 average; Lula government tries to encourage discussions about global taxation

A survey carried out by the specialized company Ipsos indicates that 69% of Brazilians are in favor of greater taxation of large fortunes concentrated by the so-called “super-rich”. The country’s percentage of support is very close to the average for the G20, 68%. Here is the full data (PDF – 2 MB).

The G20 is a group that brings together the 19 largest economies in the world plus the European Union and the African Union. The government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) usually defends the increase in the tax burden on large fortunes at a global level.

Read the survey results for Brazil below:

Ipsos surveyed 22,000 participants aged 18 to 75 in 22 countries. Includes 18 G20 nations, plus 4 outside the G20 (Austria, Denmark, Kenya and Sweden). All interviews were conducted online and were conducted from March 5, 2024 to April 8, 2024.

Brazil has the 7th highest support rate among the 18 countries interviewed in the Ipsos survey. The countries with the highest rates of support for increasing the tax burden are:

  • Indonesia – 86%;
  • Türkiye – 78%;
  • United Kingdom – 77%.

Those with the lowest levels are:

  • Saudi Arabia – 54%;
  • Argentina – 54%
  • Japan – 58%.

Read the ranking:

“This survey proves once again that the majority of citizens in G20 countries believe it is time for an economy that delivers greater well-being, more climate solutions and less inequality. But the results also show a lack of trust in government, especially in Europe.”says Sandrine Dixson-Declève, executive president of the initiative Earth4Allwho partnered to carry out the research.

Proponents of taxation often say that the money collected from the mechanism could be used for socio-environmental actions, such as preventing natural disasters.

The survey indicated that the population wants to hold governments accountable for solutions like this. According to the survey, 81% of Brazilians believe it is necessary to take quick actions to reduce carbon emissions. The G20 average is 71%.


When considering the large fortunes of companies, Ipsos also indicated that Brazilians are in favor of increasing tax collection. The approval rate for companies is the same as that for the super-rich, at 69%.

The countries that most support taxation of large businesses are:

  • Indonesia – 82%;
  • Kenya – 81%;
  • India – 78%;
  • Türkiye – 78%.

Those with the lowest approval are:

  • Japan – 50%;
  • Saudi Arabia – 55%;
  • Italy – 56%.

Read the ranking complete below:


The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, defends the taxation of the super-rich. He has already made several statements in favor of the proposal.

Haddad argues that taxation on a national scale would not be effective and would bring many conflicts of interest. “If any country thinks that they are going to solve this type of injustice alone, they will be harmed by a kind of fiscal war that exists between national states”, declared in April.

Read more:

In June, the head of the Treasury met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss the issue. He seeks international support to get the taxation approved.

But there is an impasse. Rich countries tend to be against this mechanism. They have more influence on the international scene than Brazil.

The Ipsos survey shows this perception. Although the majority of countries’ populations are in favor of creating a new tax, rich countries have less support.


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