Israel Defense Forces began a series of air strikes on the south of the Gaza Strip on Sunday (Feb 11).

The spokesman for the extremist group Hamas, Abu Obaida, said that 3 more Israeli prisoners died in air strikes. The information was released this Monday (12.Feb.2024) by the Qatari state newspaper, Al Jazeera.

According to Obaida, on Sunday (Feb 11), the attacks killed 2 other prisoners, in addition to leaving 8 injured. The spokesman said he would not release the names of the Israelis killed until the group decides where the other prisoners should go.

The Israel Defense Forces reported that they had begun a series of air strikes on the Shaboura district, located in the central region of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza’s Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, said there were already at least 50 dead. “Heavy bombings” were also reportedly reported in the vicinity of a hospital.

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The international community has been expressing concern about threats of a land incursion in Rafah, warning that, if not well planned, the operation could be a “disaster”.

Around 1.5 million Palestinians displaced from other regions of the Gaza Strip took shelter in the city – which Israel had designated as a “safe” zone in the Palestinian enclave.


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